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Kenady Dollens

EqDT - F​arrier

- A small-town girl with a lifelong passion for horses -

My horse experience began in the fall of 2007 when I received an AQHA mare, MJA Crafty Gold Girl, for my 10th birthday. From that day on, I have owned and cared for numerous horses and currently own four and a pony.

from raising foals to caring for senior horses till their last days; starting and retraining horses of various ages and breeds, these years of horse ownership have turned me into the horsewoman I am today.

I am now an Equine Dental Tech. and Farrier. Along with farrier and dental work, I also buy/train/sell horses on the side; as well as work with kids for 4H.

Since attending MEDA and OHS I have begun my career in the horse industry as 

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Midwest Equine Dental Academy

Fall 2019

In the Fall of 2019, I attended the Midwest Equine Dental Academy (MEDA) in Mount Pleasant, MI. MEDA provided me with an outstanding education in the practice of equine dental care; taught by a team of vets and highly skilled EqDTs. During this accelerated 4-week course I received a week of in-depth lecture on the philosophy, anatomy, and terminology used in equine dentistry; followed by three weeks (150 hours) of clinical hands-on training.

Graduated September 27, 2019

Oklahoma Horseshoeing School

March and November 2020 

March of 2020 I attended the Oklahoma Horseshoeing School (OHS) in Purcell, OK. I completed the 2-week Basic Horseshoeing Course, and after falling-in-love with hoof care and farrier work, decided to extend my stay to complete the 8-week Professional Horseshoeing Course. 

Sadly, my time at OHS was interrupted by Covid-19 and I had to wait until October/November to finish up 5 weeks of schooling.

Graduated November 28, 2020

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